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The nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables are obvious, but why don’t kids buy into the idea that fruits and vegetables are good for them? Could the answer be as simple as positioning and choice, and can these influences actually lead to greater consumption? That’s what researchers set out to answer in a recent analysis by the Smarter Lunchroom Movement, an initiative of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs.

In a recent lunchroom analysis of 32 Sodexo-managed school cafeterias, the impact on plate waste pre- and post-introduction of Smarter Lunchroom tactics was measured. The tactics chosen were focused on fruits and vegetables. The analysis found that after implementing the Smarter Lunchroom tactics, 21% more vegetables were eaten and fruit consumption rose by 14%. 

As part of Sodexo’s commitment to the Partnership For a Healthier America, all Sodexo-managed school lunchrooms are committed to implementing at least nine Smarter Lunchrooms tactics by 2016. Sodexo schools focus on making healthy, attractive and convenient food options available for students, and the lunchroom menu provides a variety of food options. Having the ability to make a choice allows students to take ownership of the healthy foods they select. 

Implementing an effective Smarter Lunchrooms Program is a simple, common sense solution that can make a big difference in the quality of life for the students and communities we serve. 

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Steve Dunmore, President Sodexo Education – Schools

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